How are new languages chosen?

Hi Exercism! First time caller, long time fan. We were just talking on my team about how we could make some learning resources for a couple of open source projects we hack on that would be close to what Exercism has, because we love it here.

Is there a process by which new languages/frameworks get added? Is it just a matter of someone putting in the work?

Both of the projects we’re working on are from the Web3 world:

Any advice?

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As far as I am aware so does exercism only have programming languages.

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I guess in this sense ink! qualifies, despite a name collision with the ink (no bang) language. It’s a language specifically for writing smart contracts though, maybe that makes it too specific?

Still curious as to how these things get evaluated. Is there a group of moderators beyond the maintainers? I suppose we could create a short set of tests and find out.

The most important is that some one is ready to build up the libary for the language. I would think if you/your team is up to build the track I am pretty sure it will get approved. And to answer you before it is mostly based on some one puting in the work.

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Solidity is in the works, and so is related in that way. Perhaps check the track to see how it has evolved so far?

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Yes, that’s it. In that sense, new languages aren’t “chosen”, they are given.

The documentation about Building a Track is pretty intimidating. You’ll really get started by seeing how an existing language did it in github. See the repos owned by the Exercism organization


Morning! I’m Jonathan (Exercism Community Manager). Great question and most of the answers below are great starting points…

Typically, I also have a chat with anyone keen to launch a new language just to connect so if you’re up for that…let me know!

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This is almost certainly something we’d like to pursue as a team. I want to make sure we’re ready to commit the resources so we can be sure it will be successful. I’ll reach out to you directly when the time comes.