How can i import the test.dart

i don’t know how can i import the test.dart it doesn’t work, someone can help me?

Hey @Icezinh0 - thanks for for reaching out.

What did you do to try and fix the issue? Do you have specific steps you went through to try solve the problem? If you can give some more detail then it may help others to reach out and solve your problem more easily :smile:

i download the class like the instructions through the CLI and When i was testing it i saw the class test can’t be imported. The class is “Scrabble Score” from dart

I’m from Brazil maybe my english “sounds” bad to you. :slight_smile:

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Did you run the tests?

I know nothing about Dart, but some language servers need the project to have been built prior to starting up.

In any case, as Jonathan pointed out, please provide a lot of detail. Which commands did you run, what was the complete and literal output, have you figured out whether it is a Dart problem or an editor problem, etc. When in doubt, provide even more detail.

Typically you shouldn’t have to modify or import the test code at all. You write code which solves the exercise and the tests imports the solution. The solution does not import the tests.

i solved the problem. thanks for the help

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