How can i install exercism to my llocal machine using Linux Ubantu?

I have started to learn type Script using this platform but i am not able to find a peoper way to installing into my machine i tried to find solution by reading the instruction but was not able to find my out of any solution, please help me or give me guideline to install this platform and CLI into my local machine. i am mentioning specification of my system

OS Linux Ubantu 18.04.1 LTS
OStype 64bit

thank you

Pranav Joshi

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You will have to install through these instructions: Exercism

After that I think you will have to have node.js installed and a typescript extension to that.

I am up to help if you get stuck on any of these parts and up for 1 and 1 call to help you get it sorted.

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Did you see Installing TypeScript locally | Exercism's Docs ?

Then follow up with Testing on the TypeScript track | Exercism's Docs .

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If you havn’t setup exercism for javascript and/or you don’t have node.js installed:

You should follow the way for javascript first, since installing typescript locally requires npm which the easiest way to install is through node.js.

You can read more about it in the javascript install document. Installing JavaScript locally | Exercism’s Docs

After that follow Gleens instruction above

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