How can I retry a failed monthly donation?

On the 12th of November, my recurring monthly donation failed because I’m using a prepaid card and it didn’t had enough money on there. I transferred more money to the card and I would like to retry the payment, but I don’t know how.

The email that notifies me about a failed payment says “Please update your billing information to continue your subscription.”. The link “Update billing information” in the email is just a redirect that ends up on I browsed around on in my donation settings, but there seems to be no way to retry the payment with the existing payment method or to provide a new card.

How can I retry my payment?

According to Stripe, payment will be retried today.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 22.14.00

Could you forward me the email that ended up taking you to the exercism dashboard please so I can debug why that’s not a better flow ( Thanks!

Thanks for all your neverending suppport :blue_heart:

Ok perfect! I guess I was expecting a retry after 3 days after failure, not 5 :sweat_smile: (based on what the product I worked on used to do for payment failures, but that was a different payment provider).

I forwarded the email.

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