How do I use the online Editor for an Iteration > 1?

I usually submit solutions from the CLI. But I have a second iteration of a Bash exercise that needs to have a pair of quote marks removed, and I thought I’d simply do that online. But the editor only shows me iteration 1, and I don’t see how to tell it otherwise. Help?

On the right-hand of the screen, you should see a “Open in editor” button.

Yes, I am looking at Iteration 2; I press that button and it puts me in the editable version of Iteration 1, with no option for getting to anything beyond that.

On the web page with the editor there’s a drop-down menu at the upper right corner hidden behind the three horizontal dots. It allows you to “Revert to last iteration” which loads the most recently submitted iteration into the editor.

Thank you, but it remained stubbornly on iteration 1.
I think that in ‘revert to last iteration’, ‘last’ means previous, not final.

That’s strange and might be an issue.
Sorry, I don’t think I can help.
Perhaps somebody here else has an idea.

cc @ErikSchierboom @iHiD

sounds like a bug

What’s the track/exercise pls?

I had said Bash

Which exercise in the bash track? Is this related to the other issue where the file name didn’t line up?