How do we manage Moderation / Moderators

A big and important foundation we need to put in place for the Forum is the way we moderate conversation.

There are plenty of approaches, structures and options we could use to manage things, but we want to make sure that whatever structure we decide upon, is perfectly suited to making sure we give people the best opportunity to learn!

This thread is for discussing, brainstorming and floating ideas about how to best approach moderating the Forum.

Some things you may like to consider and share would be:

  • who can moderate conversation?
  • what would a moderator be allowed / not allowed to do?
  • how does one become a moderator?
  • do moderators have a fixed time as a moderator, or not?
  • what organisations/forums currently do a great job, in your opinion.

Those were some initial questions I feel would be a good place to start.