How do you track concepts/exercises and its completeness

Hello! my question is regarding you db model and seeds: website/db/migrate at main · exercism/website · GitHub i don’t know if i am missing something but i want to understand how do you track that a user, working on certain track has completed an exercise or a concept, the closest for me was the user_activities migration, but i really want to understand how to respond to the question: ¿ what exercises or concepts has a user completed in a certain track?


UPDATE: I think i found the key to all, if you create a solution, and that solution pass all the tests, that is going directly to the solutions table so you can control if a user solved an exercise, correct me if im wrong.

I think that “solved an exercise” and “gave a solution” is two different things. The “solved an exercise” is probably triggered by the student with the “Mark this exercise as complete”, they may have gotten their satisfaction from the exercise at any time.

Gave a solution is known by having submitted the code and having it pass. So it is a solution.

So, there are two things that we can detect, one is controlled by the student through the “set as complete” action, while the other is a judgement on submitted code, as indicated by the tests passing or failing.