How does "dig deeper" work?

I’m writing an OOP article for Lua. I don’t plan to write approaches.

Will my article show up in the exercise somewhere?
Will the Dig Deeper tab magically appear?

My github search-fu is insufficiently strong to search for any other exercises that have articles but not approaches.

Am I going about this the wrong way? Should my little OOP tutorial be a concept instead?

I think it would work better as a concept, however I’m not sure how to integrate it properly due to the nature of the track right now.
Lua track syllabus is in a strange position atm, it has only 3 topics so far but it is also open/enabled.
Maybe you can add that concept in and link High Score to it as well.

For a specific exercise?

Yes. both should if its on an exercise.

We could also do it as a blog post if it’s more general to Lua :slight_smile:

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Ryan merged the PR. Here it is: Explore the 'Object Oriented Programming in Lua' article for High Scores in Lua on Exercism