How long should take resolve exercise?

I use exercism from a while and I wonder how many time do you need to resolve specific JavaScript exercise on medium level? 1h, 2h, 3h or maybe a few days? I’m intreated on this, because I don’t know if I’m slow or fast in this :)

What are you waiting to “resolve”? Are you asking how long it takes on average for an exercise to be picked up by a mentor for a code review? Or something else?

The code review queue shows an average wait time but it all depends on how many mentors are around that day and whether or not a mentor feels like reviewing your particular exercise. When you request a code review, it shows the average wait time:

Avg. wait time: ~2 hours

There is no info about code review in my message. I asked about average time of finish specific exercise on medium level :)

Define “finish”. Time for the solution to run? Time from clicking “start exercise” until they pass tests the first time? Time from starting an exercise to publishing a solution or marking the exercise as complete?

Difficulty is internally graded on a scale 1-10. Should all “medium” (4-6 I think?) be averaged together? Are you asking for the average in the last year? Average from all of the exercise histories?

Presuming you mean “solve”, I think it really depends on the exercise, and someone’s experience with that type of problem/coding/etc before. My instinct is that probably 2-3hrs is reasonable for an average programmer. A senior JS dev whose used to coding a shape of problem could probably solve them in nearer 30mins. But it really does depend on the exercise I think.

I’d also point out that the exercises are designed to be iterated and reasoned about, not solved. “Finishing” an exercise involves iterations of looking at others’ solutions and working with mentors in order to improve it, and that normally takes a much longer time. As an example, I solved “Food Chain” in Ruby in about 20mins, spend the next hour exploring alternatives, then spent weeks discussing and iterating the exercise over multiple conversations with Katrina. My learning and evolution definitely didn’t occur in that first 20mins, but in everything that came after. And FWIW, Katrina and I would choose totally different solutions to that exercise as “ours” even after all those discussions, so there’s definitely not a right/wrong.