How to add a video on the home page


I want to add a video to the “About” section of a track as in the example below and am trying to find in which file (of the GitHub repo) I should add the source of the video.

Can I get assistance on this, please? @iHiD @iHiD-alt @jonathanmiddleton

You can’t. The video in that spot is reserved for our own introduction videos.

Hi Eric.

What I want is to replace the code snippet shown below in Ballerina on Exercism with a video.

How can I do that?

That file is in the docs/SNIPPET.TXT file. See Track Docs | Exercism's Docs for more information.

I sent a PR to edit the docs/SNIPPET.TXT file and add the video but the PR got automatically closed.

How can I do the edit?

PRs are currently automatically closed. We can re-open, but only once we agree on the change beforehand on the forum. As for your PR, you’re trying to replace the snippet with a video, which is not the purpose of the snippet (see the link to the docs above).

If it is not the docs/SNIPPET.TXT, can you please specify in which file I should add the video to replace the code snipper with it?

I am afraid, that is not mentioned in Track Docs | Exercism’s Docs.

So you shouldn’t replace the snippet with a video.

(At best, right now, you could argue that the snippet should be allowed to be a video, in general.)

Is this not it?

Ok. How can I allow the snippet to be a video?

Will adding this iframe below in the SNIPPET.txt file do this?

<iframe allow="fullscreen;autoplay;"

Sorry, I am unable to find a code like this on this page saying how to add a video.

@praneesha You can’t. Why do you think this is something that’s possible?

@iHiD - because it has been already done in Go on Exercism.

Yeah, but Erik replied with that at the start ^^.

I believe “you can’t do that” here doesn’t mean that it’s not technically possible. Rather, you’re not allowed to do so.

To be crystal clear, there is a video spot reserved on pages for Erik’s videos. If you’d like to add a different video instead of Erik’s videos, you’ll need to explain why etc and we need to have a discussion on that.

I want to add an introductory video to the Ballerina track.

Is that not allowed?

I’ve added it temporarily until Erik makes one. All these videos are Exercism videos and part of a series of Introduction Videos. They’re not just general introduction videos.

Got it. All clear now.

Thank you so much for the responses. Highly appreciated.

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