How to add icons/images to `Key Features`

@iHiD @glennj

Need help to know where I should add images/icons for the Key Features section shown in the example below.

Found that the content should be added in the config.json file, but where should I update the icons/images?

There should be in config.json a section for key features with several objects with a title, content(the text), and a slug that refers to the icons at the bottom of this page: Icons | Exercism’s Docs

Thanks for the reply @Meatball.

Do we have to use only the icons listed in Icons | Exercism’s Docs, or is there a place in the GitHub repository to upload our own images to add them to this list?

The icons are stored on this repo: Pull requests · exercism/website-icons ( But I don’t think it is open to add new icons though, I am not sure.

Got it. Thank you so much for the clarifications.

Highly appreciated.

@Meatball - How to add the logo in the middle as shown below?

It doesnt have to be added, it is assagined as the icon for the language. The icons can be found in the same repo I just sent.

That resolves my doubt. Thanks a lot once again!