How to change handle if you sign-in through GitHub credentials?

Hi - Please suggest how to change my Exercism handle. It is asking me for my Exercism password but I sign in with my GitHub credentials and don’t have a password for Exercism.


I am about to :dromedary_camel: (bump) this issue as it is something known, there is an approach there, that may work for you, and hopefully it will raise attention to this resolved.

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I changed my password with the work-around suggested in that thread. Thank you ! :grinning:

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Good to see this got sorted. Thanks @kotp for pointing to the right issue!

I also want to change my handle as there’s been a typo in my name and don’t want that and after entering my password, It’s showing unable to change password

Hey @AshManadal - sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Can you outline the steps you’re taking to try and change your handle?

I’ve posted the screenshot of the section that I think you’re having issues with.

Maybe try change your password first, login, and retry changing your handle.