How to debug a sass file that doesn't reflect changes on the browser

I’m building a portfolio website using bootstrap and sass. I use a theme kit for it too. I wanted to do a grid column style for my intro-section but then changed my mind so I later deleted the style. But whenever I refresh my browser, I still get an error message. I have tried different things I could but couldn’t make headway. Here’s what I see on my style.css file:

content: “Error: Expected expression.\a \2577 \a 13 \2502 grid-column: ;\d\a \2502 ^\a \2575 \a scss\sections_intro-section.scss 13:22 @use\a scss\style.scss 11:1 root stylesheet”;

I deleted the code and refreshed the browser it didn’t work. I commented out the whole intro-section and refreshed my browser but that didn’t work; it still showed me the same error message! I deleted the error message from the style.css file but my browser didn’t display as it should.

My guess is that the scss file isn’t being recompiled.

I’ve moved this to the Programming category.

Thank you very much Erik.

Ok Sir. But in my screenshot below, I’d set a “watch” over my sass during the setup to have it automatically watch out for changes. And again, I’ve made changes in the course of building the website and they reflected on the browser but this one isn’t ‘cooperating’.

Or maybe that’s not what you mean. I’ll be grateful to have you explain further, Sir.