How to do errors in Series

Hi, I have just been working on the Series exercise. Not sure if I missed something, but its not clear how to raise the errors correctly for the error test cases. For example I spend a while trying things like error("slice length cannot be zero").

Not sure I would have found the "slice length cannot be zero" | halt_error without looking at other’s solutions.

There’s the manual :smile: The syllabus is a work in progress and doesn’t cover everything you’ll need to solve all the exercises.

Do you remember seeing this when you started the exercise?

"Remove this line and implement your solution" | halt_error

But you’re right, we could be more explicit about it

Hmm, if one follows the jq track in order, hamming is the first exercise that requires halt_error in the solution. But series is the first exercise you’ve worked on that requires it. Looks like we need an Error Handling concept.