How to import packages in the text editor?

Hi, I want to use an external library but it gives an error. Hows does one import ?

Im using R language

TL;DR: You don’t.

The tests run in a Docker container with a fixed image. The container has no (or minimal) external packages installed. Therefore, you won’t be able to import external packages, unless the maintenance explicitly installed that package for that exercise (in which case it should show up in the instructions).

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This was previously discussed here: Is it possible to use a dependency/ library/ module?.

@jonathanmiddleton neither the above mentioned nor this discussion is tagged as related to R, but I think they both should be.

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It looks like this ran into a series of Docker problems, judging by all the reverted PRs on the test-runner repo. A great pity - we can all see the benefits of having the tidyverse package available, as this is pretty universal in the R world.

I hope there will be some way to fix this. Unfortunately, I have no Docker experience so there is not much I can do to help.

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The R test runner was updated on Oct 3 to support packages from the tidyverse.

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