How to install exercism with fish shell

Please help me with the step where we add export path to the source file. I can’t figure out how it is done with the fish shell?

You can use set --export to export variables: set - display and change shell variables — fish-shell 3.6.1 documentation

This is where you can find the fish rc/config file: Introduction — fish-shell 3.6.1 documentation

All that’s remaining is appending the correct bin directory to the PATH variable: set foo "$foo"bar

Thanks for your reply, but I can’t quite understand it

Suppose you installed the exercism binary as /opt/exercism/bin/exercism

Then in your ~/.config/fish/, add

fish_add_path -g /opt/exercism/bin

See fish_add_path - add to the path — fish-shell 3.6.1 documentation