How to solve the currency exchange problem?

I can’t calculate value after exchange Currency exchange Point 6

def exchangeable_value(budget, exchange_rate, spread, denomination):

    :param budget: float - the amount of your money you are planning to exchange.
    :param exchange_rate: float - the unit value of the foreign currency.
    :param spread: int - percentage that is taken as an exchange fee.
    :param denomination: int - the value of a single bill.
    :return: int - maximum value you can get.

    computed_spread = (exchange_rate / 100) * spread
    computed_exchange_rate = computed_spread + exchange_rate
    computed_budget = exchange_money(budget, computed_exchange_rate)

    return computed_budget

This solution doesn’t use the denomination argument.

Remember that the currency denomination is a whole number, and cannot be sub-divided.

This task is asking that the exchange be done by converting to a single bill/denomination.

Sorry i don’t understand how to use denomination. Can you explain what to do?