How to stop insider monthly payments?

First of all, i want to thanks for all the people that make part of Exercism. It’s a great learning platform and i will support this project and if you like the service, consider to help too!

Like a new user, i wanted to give some financial help to collaborate. But unfortunally i think that i get the wrong path, because what i want to do is a one-time donation (and in the future, others), but i see that my credit card try to charge me again this month.

I searched in the Exercism Site but i do not find one easy way to stop this recurring payments. Anyone know how to solve this?

I see that i am an “Insider” now and this cost me a monthly payment, but this is not what i want. If someone can help me to solve this, i appreciate!

Thank you!

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

Presuming you’ve set up a recurring donation via a card, you should be able to use
the settings page. However, if you set it up via PayPal, you have to cancel via PayPal. We don’t have the ability to cancel recurring payments via them.

If you think you should see it on the settings page but you don’t, please let me know (ideally with a screenshot, and with your Exercism username) and I’ll take a deeper look for you!

And finally, thanks for supporting us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! Thank you very much for answer!

I see that you post the same in Discord and i will continue there, ok?

Thank you!!!

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@AbimaelCosta Thanks for your help in getting this sorted!

For anyone in the future, there were two bugs affecting this - one data and the other code. Both should be fixed. If you have similar issues please let me know.