How to update billing info?

I’ve set up a recurring monthly donation almost a year ago and now I need to change my billing info.

I tried to find a related button in Settings / Donations but there are only “Change amount” and “Cancel your recurring donations” buttons.

Do I have to cancel my donations and then set them up again to change my billing info? Are there going to be any negative implications if I choose to go this way?

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Thanks for donating!

I’ll have a look next week for you. Possibly I can do it through Stripe, but I might be able to send you a billing update link too.

If I’ve not responded by mid-next-week, please nudge me - I’m super swamped with things atm but want to get this sorted for you when I’m back at my proper work env!

Jeremy :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy,

As you requested, I’m pinging you regarding the billing info change.

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I have the same issue.