I am struggling with the Lasagna exercise

The instructions are really complicated for something supposed to be simple and there is too much clutter.

I dont understand what I am supposed to do

Is there any part in particular you’re having trouble with?

Is there a specific test which is failing for you?

Running the tests is supposed to help highlight what is broken and next needs fixing.

The exercise stub has a handful of TODO comments indicating what is needed:

# TODO: define the 'EXPECTED_BAKE_TIME' constant

# TODO: consider defining the 'PREPARATION_TIME' constant
#       equal to the time it takes to prepare a single layer

# TODO: define the 'bake_time_remaining()' function

# TODO: define the 'preparation_time_in_minutes()' function
#       and consider using 'PREPARATION_TIME' here

# TODO: define the 'elapsed_time_in_minutes()' function

The instructions have five corresponding tasks:

  1. Define expected bake time in minutes
  2. Calculate remaining bake time in minutes
  3. Calculate preparation time in minutes
  4. Calculate total elapsed cooking time (prep + bake) in minutes
  5. Update the recipe with notes

More specifics about which part is giving you trouble would be helpful :slight_smile:

I ended up figuring out what to do. It’s been a while since I’ve done Python and completely forgot what what docstrings were (been using Javadocs).

Stuff like that can be bit of information overload to me and might make be found to a halt.