I can't find a .grouproj file in DUnitX repo

Hello, I am trying to install DUnitX in “Embarcadero® Delphi 11 Version 28.0.48361.3236”.

My first attempt was to go to Release v0.3.5 · VSoftTechnologies/DUnitX · GitHub and download a package from there but the IDE doesn’t recognize the .dpkg extension.

My second attempt was to try and follow the tutorial that is recommended in the exercism’s track instructions.

I am stuck at this line

Once you have that done (I’m assuming you have pulled down the latest source from GitHub), open the project group (.grouproj) for your IDE version and build the project group.

I have downloaded a .zip file of the repo and have decompressed it but I can’t find a .grouproj file to open. I searched in both my local PC and the original repo.

How can I proceed and install the package?

Never mind, I installed the dpm package manager and with it I installed the .dpkg file.

I hope this helps someone.