I can't seem to be able to learn anything, am I missing something

So I am on the Lua track as a newbie. I am stuck on the 2nd exercise. Even in the “tutorial” exercise, it just throws you in. It doesn’t tell you what anything means. Yes, I tried to check if learning mode was on. I followed the instructions on Exercism's Docs, but there was no enable/disable learning mode in the 3 button menu. Am I missing something?

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Hi @AwesomestDude. If you’re totally new to programming, then Exercism will be too hard for you. Our tracks are designed for people who can code (at least a little bit) to work through and improve their skills in a language or learn a new language. We’ll be launching a full Learn to Code platform next year.

If you use something like CodeAcademy to get the basics down in a different language, then you can work through our track to upskill in Lua, although Lua doesn’t have a learning mode, so it won’t be the easiest journey for you as a beginner.

Sorry to disappoint!

(@jonathanmiddleton Could you make a note to reply here with the link for the preregister on the Learn to Code please in case @AwesomestDude wants to be one of the early users of that please. Thanks!)


Hey @AwesomestDude - thanks for reaching out and just wanted to check in. I had a similar experience starting to code in Exercism. I began the Go track but frankly didn’t have a clue what was going on!

I went over to CodeAcademy and ran through a couple of their basic courses and that made a huge difference.

Another recommendation is to check out this thread that highlights some wonderful books to read.

I personally found that going systematically through the Headfirst Go book was what helped me bridge the gap to Exercism.

I hope that helps.