I can't upload an image on this forum because of HTTP vs HTTPS mismatch

I wanted to report a bug related to the website that requires a screenshot because it’s a UI bug. I am unable to do that. Whenever I start a file upload on this forum, I see this error in the JS console:

Security Error: Content at https://forum.exercism.org/c/exercism/bugs-and-features/126 may not load data from http://forum.exercism.org/javascripts/media-optimization-worker.js. 

I’m not sure we allow uploading screenshots on the forum. Do you know @ihid?

I can upload images fine and people do it all the time.

I don’t see that issue myself in the console. Very strange.

Hmm… after thinking about this again, I remembered that I installed a new privacy extension recently. Of course it is the new extension’s fault :upside_down_face: sorry for the noise. But maybe there is still something that could be fixed on the forum, to serve the script over https anyway?

Actually… I tried yet again, and now it doesn’t work again, even through I disabled all extensions :confused: I don’t understand where the problem is. Probably somewhere in my Firefox settings or new Firefox Dev Edition features.

I created my new thread via Chrome now where I could upload a screenshot, but that’s a bit annoying.

Can you test via Firefox Developer Edition to see if you can reproduce this error?

I’ve asked Aron to look :slight_smile:

I’m uploading this from Firefox Developer Edition.

I have seen such behaviour with mis-configured reverse proxies for caching. It happened to me when we had the TLS handshaking done by the proxy and internally forwarded HTTP only. The re-writing in the requests happened for GET only, but not for POST. In the end, we gave up on caching at the network level.