I have a problem with Lucian's luscious lasagna

I’ve got 5/6 on the code lasagna recipe, but can’t fix and understand the unique error I’ve got, here’s the code:

<?php declare(strict_types=1); $timer = new Lasagna(); $timer->expectedCookTime(40); class Lasagna { // Please define the 'expectedCookTime()' function function expectCookTime(40){ return expectCookTime(40); } // Please define the 'remainingCookTime($elapsed_minutes)' function function remainingCookTime($elapsed_minutes){ return remainingCookTime($elapsed_minutes); } // Please define the 'totalPreparationTime($layers_to_prep)' function function totalPreparationTime($layers_to_prep){ return totalPreparationTime($layers_to_prep); } // Please define the 'totalElapsedTime($layers_to_prep, $elapsed_minutes)' function function totalElapsedTime($layers_to_prep, $elapsed_minutes){ return totalElapsedTime($layers_to_prep, $elapsed_minutes); } // Please define the 'alarm()' function } function alarm(){ echo 'ding'; return alarm(); }

It would be helpful to share your code using a codeblock. Sharing the test output/errors would help people know what’s not working.

@abedispoon Your code contains a syntax error. In the argument list of a function definition you cannot use literal values on their own. You used 40 in the definition of expectCookTime.

Maybe you should read more about PHP functions here: PHP Functions For this exercise, it does not matter that the function is inside a class. The possible ways to define a function are the same.