I have written my style of hello world program in both c and python but its showing erros can u help me

print(“Hello, World”)


It always helps if you tell us what the errors are that you see.

Though as your content of the post is just a simple print statement, my initial guess is, that you are trying to actually “print” the requested string, when you are supposed to return it from the predefined functions stub.

If this is not enough to get yourself started, please post in the appropriate languages forum and include your current code and the error you see.

The best way to get help on a specific exercise is to request mentoring! That way you get help from someone who (1) is familiar with that language, (2) is familiar with that exercise, (3) can see your exact code and (4) can see the exact errors.

If you use the CLI, you can request mentoring on solutions which are not passing tests.

I believe that the Python “Hello World” problem requires your program to exactly output “Hello, World!” when run, including the exclamation mark.

Try adding an exclamation mark in the string of your print statement as so:

print("Hello, World!")

Let me know the results!

The exercise also requires returning a value and not printing a value :slight_smile: