I think my private mentoring request (JavaScript) has got on the queue

I emailed the token before I requested mentoring, and the mechanics of how the request was handled look to me like I’ve ended up on the queue, which would be fine except that the note I included was very much pitched at a specific person, my son…

Yeah, I see you in the queue. If you go back to your request, there should be a Cancel Request link somewhere on the upper right side of your screen.

Looking at the screenshot below:

  • If you use the form on the left-hand side that sends mentoring to the public queue.
  • The link on the right-hand side is a seperate thing altogether.

You should see at the top right of your mentoring request something like this…

You can click on “Cancel request” to remove your solution from the public queue. The link you sent to your son will still be valid.

Thank you. I’ve canceled the request.
Does this mean that private mentoring does not use the space for mentor communication that’s used when getting a mentor through the queue? I have used a private mentor request before, and I did communicate via that space…

The private mentor request is a link you send to someone. The other form is to put something into the public queue with questions to answer. They’re entirely seperate systems.

I had thought that private mentoring worked more in the form of jumping to the head of the queue, so that after the token is received communication and administrative stuff on your end proceeds as if I had applied there. This might be clarified in the instructions…
Anyway, it’s all good now, including beginning to understand the JavaScript problem. Thanks to all


The queue isn’t strictly a queue. While pending requests are sorted by the order in which they arrive, mentors can browse the items in the queue and choose to mentor any of them, regardless of their position in the queue.

The queue is a public (to mentors) queue. All the mentors (for that language) will see all the queued requests (for that language).

Private requests are not placed in the mentor queue. The link can be shared privately and the mentor can choose to mentor the exercise, no queue involved.

Thank you. We have developed a routine now: I ‘request mentoring’ by a phone call, and he is then ready to pick me off the queue, so only then do I put it on the queue. It’s worked very well so far, and because I am still in the learning exercises I have mostly not needed it. I highly recommend this if you’re being ignored by a programming competent child

Ahem. Your ‘programming competent child’ is 57 and not actually ignoring you :)

And I think if you use the token route, once all the initial handshake is done, we’ll end up in the same mentoring user interface, so let’s try that next time…