I want to update the Rust Representer

Hello everyone,

I opened a PR to the Rust Representer after reading about the doc on Representers, to make the Rust one match the interface. I had the automatic message that you no longer accept open source contributions and we should ask in the forum.

I read the blog post that is explaining why the OSS is suspended but I saw that the post is 1 year old and I saw that on the forum so people are making topics here to ask to be involved (in different ways and for different reasons) in the project.

I would love to help to make the Rust Representer works correctly with all the features but I still didn’t fully understand if I’m authorized to help or what I need to do (if there is something to do on my side) to be able to help on this.

I’m new to the Exercism contributors community and so maybe this has been answered or I should have to just drop my motivation after reading the article but I want to open this subject because I still had questions and motivation.

Thanks for reading and potential answers :slight_smile:

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@AurelienFT With that sort of attitude, you’ve very welcome to help out :slight_smile: Thank you!

In general, opening forum posts first is the best way to go as it makes sure we’re all on the same page before committing the work. I see @senekor has already opened the PR and pinged @ErikSchierboom to take a look. Erik’s not working now until Wednesday, but will no doubt take a look then.

Thanks for contributing and have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind answer @iHiD. I’m happy I will continue working on the representer then.

Great weekend to you too !

Feel free to ping me on the forum if you’d like to discuss anything Rust related! :slightly_smiling_face:

In DM on the forum ? Or I saw there is a discord server (haven’t join yet) but isn’t better to avoid spam on forum?

I would create a public post such that other people can read or join the discussion too if they want.

The forum allows users to customize when they get notifications. So you should not be too worried about creating spam, as long as you post in the appropriate place.

For example, I automatically “watch” all posts on the topic Rust - Exercism. That means I will get notifications for every post and comment. People who are not interested in Rust will not subscribe to that topic, so you don’t need to worry about bothering them.

If you’re making a post without specific topic though, a lot of people will get pinged. So it makes sense to be mindful there.