I was today years old when I found out that a syllabus can actually be read

I started working through the June exercises (FOR THE BADGE! And also because I wanted to give Common Lisp a proper go, and now it seems like the best time to do so). And Lisps are generally very different from any other language I tried thus far. So I am struggling through the first exercise and somehow I manage to get it done. Then I go, well, what in the world is a Cons? So I go and google it. And it takes me to the Cons page in the Exercism curriculum. And I go “I could do this?”. Then I go to the curriculum and try to click the cards to get to the pages, but it doesn’t work. You have to click the header.

This would have been so useful to discover earlier in the year, but better late than never, am I right? I’m not sure if I’m the only one who didn’t know about this feature, but if I’m not, then perhaps this awesome feature could be made more explicit. Just a thought.


Clicking on the header to open the concept doc: I didn’t know about that, despite using Exercism for a few years now! It’s a lot less obvious than just seeing a popup on hover.

@iHiD has commented repeatedly that there is a lot of stuff on the website that can be hard to find. Maybe add this to the list?

Thank you for this post, I also now know that you can click on the header to get to the pages!

Lest people think that everyone has trouble with the current design, (and to give some balance to the feedback in the thread) I’d like to say that I find this feature quite intuitive and discoverable: the cursor turns into a pointer when you hover over a concept header in the syllabus, thus inviting you to click it.

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When you hover over the header, the mouse pointer should change to a hand. This is true for every clickable thing on this site.

It does. It’s just a link - there’s nothing special about it.

I know that it does, i’m just wondering why people are confused. Maybe it’s that thing that pops up when you hover over the header that made them think there’s nothing more to it.

Yeah, probably. We’re going to add a button to the tooltip to give people a secondary way of getting there too :slight_smile:

@VolrakRutra @colinleach @daverclarke Thanks for all reporting this. Is that clearer now?

(Thanks also do @dreig and @tasx for the counterbalance :))

Yes, I think this is much more obvious now.

As to why people were confused - I was confused because it didn’t seem that the header hover was doing anything other than just displaying the information. I didn’t know that syllabus pages existed, so I didn’t look for them, I just assumed that the main syllabus page was kind of a roadmap and you are supposed to find answers by yourself.