I would like to implement Roman Numerals for Zig

I’m new to zig, but loving it. I’ve been using exercism for a while now, but have never looked behind the scene until now. I’ve found and read some guides about adding exercises and I think I understand enough to take a stab at creating a PR. The problem Roman Numerals is this week’s 48in24 and I’d love to see zig as one of the options for folks. Is this already being worked on? Anything else I need to review before starting?

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Hey there!

Seems like you already opened an issue on the track :+1:
It looks like @ee7-1282 is the most active person for zig.

You might want to have a chat with them, so you can plan accordingly.

In the meantime you can read the general docs about adding practice exercises.

That was very helpful. The video on the Practice Exercise page was recent as well. I’m going to follow that and give it a go. I’ll also reach out to @ee7-1282

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