Icon for new AWK exercise: Automated readability index

There is a new AWK exercise Automated readability index that still needs to have a logo.

I think this icon should be a starting point. This icon was created in part by me using artificial intelligence. One of my designer friends did some fixes and conversion from raster to vector format.

Please provide suggestions if we need to make any changes or corrections.

@rabestro Thanks for your work on this.

All icons are created from illustrations in this set: UX Colors Illustrations Set - 9354 customizable PNGs, SVGs, PDFs

There are a few we need to a pass on. This is probably something we’ll do as a batch job in the next couple of weeks. We can use this as a nice indicator as how to design this one :slight_smile:

@ErikSchierboom Maybe you could make a list of all icons without an icon for me please? (diff all exercise slugs with the icons in the website-icons)

All exercises:

» jq -r '
    .exercises |
    to_entries[] |
    select(.key == "practice" or .key == "concept")
' */config.json  | sort -u | ix

All icons:

» ls website-icons/exercises/ | sed 's/.svg$//' | sort | ix

Exercises lacking icons:

» comm -23 /tmp/a[12] | ix
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Thanks @IsaacG!