[Ideas please] New track trophies

My main concern is that it doesn’t add to spinney time.

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Right, I’ve done some thinking (and build half the thing out). We’re going to have ~6 standard trophies that are the same on every track. We’ll then support up to 6 custom trophies per track. However, as these are work to make for me/erik (20mins per trophy), I’d rather we didn’t introduce 408 extra trophies (6 * 68 languages), so if we can get some generic groups together as people have been suggesting, that’d be great. And I want these to be things that enhance the student’s learning experience rather than just being playful.

That said, a lot of the fun, playful ideas in this thread should probably become badges! (e.g. “Geometer” probably isn’t language/learning-specific enough to count as a trophy, but it sounds like a great badge (I could be persuaded otherwise btw - but as an instinct)).

Bob’s already eyeing up getting so many trophies that it breaks the system :joy:

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