Improve code pane in other users solution page

I do love to find a solution as fast as I can and then check other users solutions for possible improvements and best practices.

In that sense when I open another user solution I face some limitations:

  • The code pane is super small (less than 15 lines of code) and it is not possible to expand it, making it hard to read and understand
  • There is no easy way to import and run this code locally (which is super helpful when trying to compare performances)

In order to make it more enjoyable to explore other solutions I think it could be nice to have a bigger code pane or the possibility to expand it in a full screen mode.

In order to test other people solutions for performances it could be nice to be able to download the solution locally (very similar to what’s already implemented for mentors in order to work on the user solution locally).


Good suggestions. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also I forgot about another issue that could be a low hanging fruit…

When trying to manually select and copy/paste code from the code panel into an IDE the formatting has a lot of extra lines and strange indentation…

A Copy button could be added to be sure the copied text reflect the one seen in the code panel.