Improve Triangles testing

In the description for a triangle, a valid triangle is only valid if def isosceles(sides):
a b ≥ c
b c ≥ a
a c ≥ b
But you can pass the test without an equal sign. So for example a valid triangle that might fail without the equals is [2,2,4] of the isosceles function, or [1,3,4] for the scalene function.

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Trangles is a practice exercise that draws its problem description and test data from a common cross-track repository called problem specifications.

The exercise on the Python track is auto-generated from the problem specs repo. Suggestions for improving the exercise/test data, should be made under problem specifications, so that all tracks can benefit from the change.

@iHiD or @ErikSchierboom – could we move this to a more general discussion category?

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This has been discussed before. See the comments in

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ah! Thank you for that!. I remembered a quite lengthy discussion, but couldn’t find it!

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