[Improvement] JavaScript Yacht Missing Test

I was working through the JavaScript version of the Yacht exercise making each test pass one at a time, and I noticed that there is no positive test for the ‘fives’ category. The only test for the ‘fives’ category is a negative test that all 3s return a score of zero. This allowed all the tests to pass without actually implementing the ‘fives’ category case because the default case is to return zero.

There is a test for that in the problem-specifications repo from where tracks can source tests for practice exercises. I think the tests on the Javascript track need to be synced for this exercise.


+cc @SleeplessByte

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We’ll take a PR!

Ping me on GH for merging :call_me_hand:

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^^^ PR to add the missing test.

The branch was force-pushed or deleted. I cannot re-open the PR. Can you submit it again?

You’re also missing changes to the tests.toml file.

Yes, I forgot to put the test in the skipped state. I will also update the tests.toml file and create a new PR.

New PR:

Thank you for that. It is merged!

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