Incomplete testing in Windowing System/Add a method to resize the window

in the Task 4: “Add a method to resize the window” the following condition is not being tested:

“The maximum height and width depend on the current position of the window, the edges of the window cannot move past the edges of the screen.”

if the student only creates a resize method that fulfill this condition: “The minimum allowed height or width is 1. Requested heights or widths less than 1 will be clipped to 1.” the task 4 will be complete but will give an error in task 5 when after moving the window then call the resize method.

Hey hey, Noticed the same behavior, but this might be more of a QA task on the instructions for the exercise?

If you pull down the exercise using the CLI and check windowing-system.spec.js, you’ll see that the test has the .resize() method as a dependency. So it makes sense that you’d run the test after step 4, but that makes it confusing because you expect to see the result of the unit test immediately after completing the task.

Maybe to help with clarity, the Excercism team could move the instruction into task 5 instead of 4? I’m actually not sure how to make this one more clear, but agree it can be improved somehow – the test works for me though!