Insiders Access

Good morning all,

Prior to Insiders launching I clicked on the link and it told me I was eligible for it when it launched as I’m a recurring donor.

Due to life I just checked on it today and it suggests I set up a recurring donation to become an insider.

Did I miss something along the way? If I didn’t, can someone please reenable it for me.


Hey :slight_smile:

Our DB doesn’t have a record of your active subscription (or any recurring donation). How did you set it up (Card, GH Sponsors, Paypal?). @ErikSchierboom can then investigate why it’s not there and if it’s somehow disappeared! I’ve manually reenabled insiders for you, but until this is sorted some automated job might reset it again. Sorry!

It was through PayPal. The account isn’t under my name though. Perhaps that’s why? I did get an email thanking me for setting it up.

If I still have it, would that be helpful?

Thanks for responding so quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah - yeah. Paypal is problematic. I’m intrigued about why it ever said you had Insiders status though! If you email with details, he can set things right for you (cc @ErikSchierboom)

Maybe it told me I did because I’m working with Bethany on Python? Dunno :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for your help

I wonder if that was somehow a bug that was since fixed.