Instalação do CLI no linux 64bt / CLI installation on linux 64bt

Olá, gostaria de ajuda, pois sigo os passos de como instalar o CLI no sistema Linux,porém não estou tendo sucesso, sou novata e não estou 100% familiarizado com o terminal, poderiam me ajudar, por favor ??

Hello, I would like help, as I follow the steps on how to install the CLI on the Linux system, but I am not succeeding, I am a newbie and I am not 100% familiar with the terminal, could you help me, please ??

Thank you very much in advance

Hey @CamilaMax - thanks for reaching out! Perhaps you could give some more detail on what you are struggling with. For example, pasting a screenshot of the issue in the terminal you are experiencing. That’ll help the community understand how they can help you out :smile:

Otherwise, I’d love to introduce you to @andrerfcsantos - he is one of our brilliant mentors and maintainers here at Exercism.

@andrerfcsantos - If you are willing to give a helping hand to @CamilaMax that would be great or just see if there is any way around the problem.

@porkostomus maybe this is presumptuous on my part, but maybe you have some insights about CLIs that could be helpful too!

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Sure, I have a feeling I might know what the problem is, because I did this myself a couple weeks ago and ran into an issue while moving the binary to my system path.

Eu também tive um problema ao mover o binário para o caminho do meu sistema.

But first, we should check if you have successfully downloaded and extracted the archive?

Primeiro, devemos verificar se você baixou e extraiu o arquivo com sucesso?

The problem was when I ran the command
Quando executei o comando

mv exercism ~/bin

it was actually nowhere to be found.
O computador não conseguiu encontrá-lo.

So my solution was just to change ~/bin to /usr/bin.
Tente alterar ~/bin para /usr/bin.

Thank you for helping me

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