Install CLI for linux

I am follow the steps to install, and i am block in i try to add the PATH, if i am in my directory, where i have the file that i donload before, the comand exercism works, but if i move out of it, i see in the terminal this text exercism: orden no encontrada. How can i do ? Is it correct?

I recommend moving the exercism binary into the directory ~/.local/bin/ (create it if it doesn’t exist already).

Next, make sure the PATH contains that directory. echo "$PATH" shows you a colon : separated list of directories which are part of the path. If ~/.local/bin is missing add it by putting the following line into your .bashrc (or .zshrc if you’re using zsh):

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin"

Edit: Remember that you need to restart your shell for this change to take effect.

Thanks for your quick response . I was working on my directory tonight, but I’ll try your suggestions tomorrow. But I haven’t restart the laptop and that can may be the problem.

@senekor, why ~/.local/bin instead of the more common ~/bin ?

No reason, that’s what I’m used to. bin is totally fine. I didn’t know ~/bin is more common.

@aasantiesteban89 the point is to have a single directory where you put all your programs, so you only have to add one directory to the PATH variable. You can name the directory whatever you like, ~/programs or ~/executables are perectly fine too.

I personally like to have it in ~/.local/bin to keep the home folder clean.

Although ~/.local/bin does seem more “XDG” friendly