Installation outputs nothing

i am using ubuntu on dual boot and after installing the source file, and moving exercism file to bin. i got no response after entering /bin/exercism.

i use zsh and when i ran exercism in another terminal, it is not found.

Re: not found. The Linux install instructions have you update your bashrc so the bin directory is included in the local PATH variable. If you’re using zsh, you need to do the equivalent change to the PATH variable in your zshrc file.

Re: no output. If the shell didn’t complain that it couldn’t find the exercism command, then it probably did find and run it. The command usually spits out some form of output when run, though, so that’s odd.

What do you mean by “installing the source file, and moving”? Maybe you moved not a executable?

BTW, if you want to install from source, you can do it directly with Go:

go install

That probably corresponds to the install instructions “I would like to install the CLI Using the source code” and " Moving the Executable to ~/bin" found at