Instructions in SaddlePoints exercise

The instructions only cover the first fourth cases. It did not explain how to identify multiple saddle points in a row or in a column!

Exercism takes a test driven development approach. The instructions often don’t cover each and every implementation requirement. The idea is that the tests drive the requirements. Did the tests make it clear what was needed?

Given the row with value like this: { 3, 5, 5}, the program should be able to pick up last two items with the same max value. However, C# LINQ MAXBY method will only return one item even when there are more than one item with the same max value. Same situation with C# LINQ MINBY method. I have figured out a LINQ query to overcome this deficiency. Please check with my solution.

Can you share the complete test, i.e. the full input and the expected full output?

LINQ MAXBY is an implementation detail. The tests specifies inputs and outputs; they don’t dictate how you implement the code.