Interesting Challenges Exercises

Hello, I would like to complete all the Interesting Challenges Exercises, but can’t seem to find the propositions for Functional February. It would be nice to have a place with all the listed exercises per month, what do you think?
I can complete this list as we go along.

  • Functional February: Protein Translation, Hamming, Yacht, Robot Simulator and Collatz Conjecture
  • Mechanical March: Linked List, Secret Handshake, Pangram, Sieve and Binary Search
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The list for Functional February is:

  • Protein Translation
  • Hamming
  • Yacht
  • Robot Simulator
  • Collatz Conjecture

The list for Analytical April is (according to the video):

  • ETL
  • Largest Series Product
  • Saddle Points
  • Sum of Multiples
  • Word Count

The programming languages for Analytical April are: