Intermediary or Intermediate

The website uses “Intermediary” on the contributor dashboard page. I think it is supposed to be “intermediate”.

If so, I have a branch that fixes the typo, but I need permission to make a PR.

Sure. Thanks. Please update the class and corresponding css file too :)

Hi, sorry. I cloned the website repo and have a local branch off main, but I don’t have permission to push it. Do I need permission, or is there a different way I’m supposed to make a PR? I haven’t done it before.

You need to first make a “fork” of the repository. You push commits to your fork. Then you can make a “pull request” to copy a commit from your forked repo to the Exercism repo.

I don’t know if these will help (they helped me when I was starting out w/GH):

Working with Forks
Creating a PR from a Fork
GitHub Desktop – this is particularly helpful for when you are working with someone else’s branch or reviewing PRs.