Introducing furry feline keyboard warmer!

I don’t know, but Wally definitely trained me to feed him right at 7am on the dot.


I would love to know how you managed to train a cat to wink at you!

I think cats actually train us…

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I have done it with a few cats, but usually when I have spent a lot of time with them. This cat is less than a year old, and I have spent the last 83 days alone with him, and I have been teaching him to use the toilet, (so don’t leave the seat all the way down!) teaching him to get the leash to go outside, and teaching him to come when called.

He still isn’t great at coming when called, though he does not go further than about 10 meters or so away from me when he is out without a leash, and goes in the house when I tell him to.

He also does not relieve himself outside, preferring the toilet, for some reason. But the neighbors don’t mind that part, they just think he is a strange cat.

He might be, maybe he winks at them occasionally!

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The scenery (with the cat) looks way too much like an Aegean town in Turkey. Where is that picture from?

Meet Saruman, now an old boy of 16 years.


Relevant: The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World: Tucker, Abigail: 9781476738239: Books

I heard this author featured on a podcast a few years ago and it was fascinating. I think it was called “Cats and the domestication of humans”. She said that they are basically the definition of an invasive species :rofl:


Ah! I think this was the sentiment I was referring to originally but you’ve helped me out by identifying the actual source! Thank you for giving academic underpinning to my broad-brush generality!