Introducing furry feline keyboard warmer!

This is Glims. She is a Norwegian Forest Cat who lives on my keyboard. We live in Cape Town, South Africa which, unfortunately for her it is a little warmer than the forest of Norway…by a lot!


I don’t normally love cats (I’m very much a dog person) but this one has been following me around all day and I’m taking to it. It even got a head-ruffle out of me earlier…


What a cute name for your cat. Is it a Norwegian word?

Here are my two dogs, Hartley and Seymour.


Wally has a penchant for rolling over my keyboard and sending Slack messages to my coworkers.


So when we got ‘Glims’ her breeder had called her ‘Glimmer’ but we didn’t enjoy that name too much…so we shortened it and ended up with ‘Glims’.

Ah welcome to the Exercism Forum, András (and of course, Wally!) Cats and keyboards seem to attract each other :joy:

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Hello Wally - you are lovely.

And of course, hello Andras also. :grin:

Look at those two! They seem very innocent in that photo but I’m sure get up to all sorts of mischief!

Boudreaux and Kitkat. Boudreaux is a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix. Kitkat is a Siamese/Tabby mix. Kitkat was a rescue that Boo puts up with.


You have the perfect balance in your life of cat and dog. Boo does look at bit long suffering in that photo. :grin:


All the time and in every single way. Still they are good when they are sleeping. :joy:

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Cats are also great for code reviews.


that’s one beautiful cat

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I can not tell which cat you are referring to, so I will assume you meant each and every one of them. :joy:

Hey @ligmant - thanks :smiley_cat: she is a total beauty of a cat and loves to wrestle!
Do you have any cats (seeing as we’re here in the dedicated cat thread!)

my coding friend


That is one cute kitty! You’ve trained him well to lie next to the keyboard, rather that on the keyboard…good work!

Can you train a cat though…

I have taught my cat to wink at me when I say “Wink at me, baby!”.

He can now wink with either eye.

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