Invalid Link - Prolog Resources

Was going through the Resources for the Prolog track since there was no learning track for it like in the Python and JavaScript tracks.

And I noticed in this line that this resource link below in invalid. https:/

It shows the following message when I open the link in my browser:

Could you kindly check if there is an updated link for the same, or if the link doesn’t exist anymore, it can be removed from the list in a future PR. Thanks!

Could you link to the page that has the incorrect link?

I don’t know what the correct link is,
but if it is not valid anymore, I was suggesting we can safely remove the link.

Remove it … from where? Do you have the source page which contains the bad link?

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Yes, this is the one.

Thank you @iHiD

Is there a way where I can also join as a contributor for this repository?
Helping out any way possible?

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@cr2007 Sure! There are a couple of things you could do:

  1. Add more practice exercises
  2. Go over all the docs to see if there’s anything missing/can be updated
  3. Take a stab at Assign difficulties to exercises · Issue #222 · exercism/prolog · GitHub

Are you interested in any of that?