[Inventory Management] `list_inventory` docstring summary needs improvement

Related GitHub issue: [Inventory Management] `list_inventory` docstring summary needs improvement · Issue #3683 · exercism/python · GitHub

Docstring summary of list_inventory function is inconsistent.

A story behind

  1. Initially I’ve started an implementation of list_inventory function based on docstring.
  2. Wrote the function, run tests and found the implementation doesn’t work.
  3. Then read instructions and found inconsistencies between docstring and instructions.

Proposed change

Currently Suggested
"""Create a list containing all (item_name, item_count) pairs in inventory. """Create a list containing only available (item_name, item_count > 0) pairs in inventory.


Thanks for this! :smile:

I’ve reopened the issue and am happy to accept a PR for this and any typos or errors you find in the rest of the docs for the exercise.

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@BethanyG Hi! :wave: Hope you’re doing good.

Just to let you know that I’ve created a PR. :heavy_check_mark:

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Approved and merged! Thanks for submitting that. :smile:

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