Is 4 tracks too much for an individual?

Hi i just discovered exorcism
I’m wondering, is 4 tracks too much for me?
I’m kinda slow but with time, i think i can complete them all, maybe in 2 years…
I also don’t want to be overproductive but it is what it is.
Currently i’m on C#, C++, Python, and Java tracks.
I am a game developer and i love programming and/or coding.
I’d love to hear your opinion, (Hopefully i’m on the right track XD)
Would love to hear your reply

With love



Welcome to Exercism and to the forum!

Answering that question depends a lot on your goals for each track and your previous experience with the languages. If you know all those languages and you want to practice them a little more, then being in 4 languages is absolutely fine I’d say. But if the reason you are in 4 tracks is that you are trying to learn 4 languages at once then yeah, probably too much.

However, the nice thing about Exercism is that you can set your own goals, there are no deadlines or anything saying how much you should complete in each track. So, feel free to join any number of tracks you want. If you later decide to focus on some more than others, that’s absolutely fine. I often also just join tracks to try a few exercises, to get a feel for the language, and then leave the track in progress forever. Because of this, I’ve joined 15 tracks, but realistically I only do exercises every now and then on 2/3 of them. These numbers might look totally different for a different person. Maybe you don’t want to try new languages as much as I do, then you just join 4/5 tracks and try to complete as much as possible on those. That’s great.

The message here is that you should make Exercism useful to you, for your definition of useful. That’s the closes thing I can think of as “the right way” to use Exercism.

PS: Java track maintainer here. Don’t be shy to give any feedback on the tracks you might have here on the forum. But of course I’m especially interested in your thoughts on the Java track :slight_smile:


I started on exercism for a year ago. I am now on 5 tracks. I would just say to not do multiple at the same.


My own experience is to spend time with one track and focus mostly on its exercises that I like, and then move on to another language when I start getting a bit bored. I’m up to about a dozen or so languages now, worked on over the past two-and-half years.

However, sometimes I move on too fast. Not long after learning some Clojure I started to learn Elixir and found I was starting to confuse the two, so I backed off Elixir for the time being.

A recent forum question got me interested in Rust again, after not doing much with it for a year or so. I go hot and cold on languages. I’m fickle with them.

I don’t consider myself an expert in any language. I’m more of a persistent dilettante.

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