Is "id" in ".exercism/metadata.json" safe to be public?

Is id in .exercism/metadata.json safe to be public?

I believe that’s a uuid and the checks validate it is unique. Is it safe … I’m what sense? Are you asking if it’s stable? Guaranteed unique across a specific domain?

If you’re asking if others can access your solution given its ID, I believe the answer is no. They would need your to have your token I think.

I noticed uuid flag in the output of exercism download -h being defined as the solution UUID. If they are the same then, I may assume, id in metadata.json is no secret of any kind.
In such a case I would better name the field solution_id though.

That would introduce “stutter”. The solution ID doesn’t need “solution” repeated in it.

That said … UUID is a common name and it’s mostly for internal use. There’s little reason to change it if it works and plenty of reason not to change it when other things expect the present name :slight_smile:

metadata.json has different pieces of information, and id is ambiguous there.
it could be { solution: { id: ... } } at least.

I think I get it, it is metadata id.