Is learning Rust language worth it, specially for jobs in web3?

I’m a newbie in web3 I have some experience in Java, I’m learning Rust for web3 jobs and to build Dapps and websites.

Yes. Because it gives more ways to interconnect ideas to solve problems. My answer would be the same for any language being learned and how it helps to be innovative in any programming job.

Exposure to new ideas gives opportunity for innovation.


You can look at things like Github commit stats by language to see what’s being used and what languages are trending upwards. That’s one of the better indicators of what’s popular and in demand.

Other indicators might be looking at job posting requirements stats or, if you have some specific job/company in mind, seeing what they use.

If you can find a job that you like that pays you to write Rust, then it’s worth it. If you cannot, it might still be worth learning for the fun of it! But if your question is, what jobs can you find … look at what languages are used across the industry or at the specific jobs you have in mind.

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Thanks brother, I will check it out.