Is there a dark mode?

There is a dark mode for community but not for regular. Is there dark mode and I’m blind?

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There in Interface in the settings, but it does not work for me.

The link should work for you, others will get your profile. I do not see how to remove the preview generated from the link, sorry for that.

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Yuck, sorry for the hidden “visually aim for this link” style link above.

Hey @Treelst - we don’t currently have a Dark Mode for the website (this is a big piece of upcoming / future work, however) and the dark mode for the Forum is due to the Forum being built on top of Discourse which provides a dark mode as part of the package.

It is definitely something on the horizon for the future and keep your eyes peeled!


For me, at least, the dark mode does not seem to work, or I just have not yet found the setting on Chromium that is the thing that will let “automatic dark mode” just work.

For me automatic dark mode works on mobile, but on the desktop (neither my linux nor my MacOS box) the system setting is applied.

I know that my linux box sometimes has problems propagating the setting, as my setup is quite special, and there I can live with that. I fall back to stylus and other addons to enforce dark mode where necessary.

For the Mac box though I have to rely on things working out of the box. It is company owned and even though I can just install things, I need a formal permission to do so, and this is true even for browser plugins, where currently another plugin is foreinstalled that checks a whitelist. Neither stylus nor greasemonkey or similar addons are allowed currently as those would allow installation of arbitrary stuff that might read arbitrary data from internal websites. (the rough idea is to forbid everything that asks for access to arbitrary websites)

Apparently i can’t keep my eyes peeled because of all the white


Hi there guys and girls,
Dark Mode was the first thing i was looking for too. I found a way after a bit of search to enable it in edge - and here it is how:

Force Dark Mode on websites using Edge

To force websites to display their web content on a dark background using Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 10, follow this method:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge
  2. Open the Flags page.
  3. Navigate to the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents setting
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Enabled
  5. Restart the Edge browser.

Open the Microsoft Edge browser and in the address bar, type the following and hit Enter:


Hope it helps!

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